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Sunday, March 30, 2008Y

News FLASH: Girl dead, with homework lying around!

today at the 30th of march we see the different type of death. is it a new virus?an unexpected murder? if u peeps are guessing that u are so wrong. the gurl at the age of 17, name preferred not to be disclosed by parents,is found dead lying on the floor at one of the deserted alleys in serangoon. When the police reach the scene, she was found covered by multiple layers of papers. Upon closer look and investigation it is confirmed that it is the amount of paper she has used since sec4 when the stress of her o levels hit her. she is seen burried and apparently suffocated by the stacks of paper, amounting to a height of 5 meters. Are the papers rebelling? due to the extensive amount of trees that has been cut? are the papers assume dead after being produced from trees alive all this while? is it their plan to exterminate students who has used to much paper to complete the mountaineous amout of homework the teacher gives? we do no know the truth yet so students..BEWARE of the KILLING HOMEWORK think twice before doing ur work..ur life is more important than letting ur teacher reprimand u for not doing home work.

this is so lame...i just dun wanna do the pi lol!

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WARNING total crap ahead dun read will spoil mood!!

ok....i realli tink the school had a real problem wiv timetables..i mean seriously my class timetable is like totally stupid..having a jam pack friday or a realli free wednesday.or for some others is the other way round. wednesday the non bio people onli got to school for two hours. LIKE WTH!!!! two stupid tutorials and den bam nothing else. i fell like going to school onli for the cca itself. den on friday the non chem people.. realli deserve my pity stay all the way till 3.30 for pe.having free mornings. 2 and half hour lunch break. or me the chem people oso suffer. there is onli two 30 min break between all the lessons. and the tests are starting so the stress are cominh . good luck to all my frens. for u peeps ino i slack the whole day so now is time for me to suffer.....

total crap again!plz dun read!not even worth ur time!
(sorry ar i finish typing then realize its total crap) just proceed to the posts below.

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Monday, March 24, 2008Y

ok this is a fast one^__^.i noe i should have went out on friday i noe i should have been studying ... but then who can resist a date wiv my wife and my darling sweetheart honey????? ok maybe onli me..so we went and met at 12 noon...i oso noe that i was the one who suggested the timing and was late...sorry dearXX!!!! hahahahaha!! in the end we play until like late into the night around 9.00...u guys must be wondering what are we doing for nine hours right? that for me to noe and u to find out....(crap) all i can say is it is good exercise to walk around orchard trying to shop and did not buy anything....and mostly kena suan target is me la...it is common knowledge now. that people classify the suaning xinyi process as entertainment...LOL.
i go do homework le, sibei sian de homework, totally f up the homework...got another chinsese essay like WTF!oh and ppl if u wanna train shuttle run..always try to be late and chase the bus it is veri good training.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008Y

ok so our pics...of my cuzzies!!!!!!thx ivy for telling me i look like a gorrilla....and u are holding on to that wang wang for a veri long time like it is made of gold. cuzzies looking at this pics will tink that we have grown a lot right? miss those moments when the older cuzzie will shut the younger ones out of a room, remember them? mh u are so being blocked by me.ivy i just love that expression of yours in ur first picture. caihua and peiling just turn out to be as GORGEOUS AS EVER HAHAHHA!!! remember to invite me to your weddings i wanna sit near the first table!!! i tink you dun wan me to post the picture before this lh cox the pic before this is hilarious...

10:12 PM Photobucket

Saturday, March 15, 2008Y

ME THIS IS MY SOLO SHOT!!! dun worry my mouth dun have a problem its just the stupid lipstick my mum put on me that resulted in this..red colour lining around my mouth.

haha cute pics right? i just do it to irritate my brother cox he tinks his hair look gay!!! which i kinda agree......this just show how much we love each other.LOL dun be mislead by the pics, my mum never take any fighting photos like all mothers are..anyway seeing these pics realli bring back memories, like how he pull my hair last time,bite me,slather his mucus on my arm,the trouble we got into, the times when my mum is on the phone and we use the chance to eat things from the fridge. the moments when i kick his stomach, cox him to fall on the dining table, use the hula hoop and accidentally whack his gum which causes bleeding, (i seem to be more violent..i hate to admit it but he is much more stronger than me now,dam the puberty.)the way we run like siao and he always hide behind me WHEN MY MUM CHASES US WITH A CANE. man i miss those precious times, even though its all gone now...i am sure we still can create wonderful memories by IRRITAING HIM. the best way is through his chinese essay, where he can`t even write to save his life.

11:30 AM Photobucket

Tuesday, March 11, 2008Y

packaging looks awesome right????


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CANCER - The Cutie MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous. Great telling stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to

ok i receive this email and wadeva it said about me i so bloody true.(except the first part, cox never been in a relationship and do not wish to have one currently.)i am a freak!!!!i noe. and proud to be very random. don`t like to fight but if u actuay wanna try quarreling wiv me ^__^ dun regret it.the last part , i cannot judge it haha

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Sunday, March 9, 2008Y

this is the first time in my life that i actually experience so many different type of emotions in a particular day. this happen on the last day of my orientation camp. first in the morning was anger den fear then happiness den gratefulness then anger then disappointment den bewilderment, and many many more. fear and gratefulness is from the trust fall. i have a phobia of heights but my trust in my frens overcome it in the end. i am grateful that they did not drop me in the end,i noe i am veri heavy so thx guys (my love goes out to you ppl^__^). i just wanna tell all my frens, in work place ,cchy, chongfu, nyjc^_^ as long as u noe who i am, i will always be there for you people no matter what,you guys can always count on me if u need a shoulder to lean on. to me friends are very important^__^.like one song states i will go an extra mile for u ppl!!!! no matter who you are as long as we are friends, you can count on me.

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Monday, March 3, 2008Y

ok its official i have turn mad or crazy or something. (dun say that i have always been crazy kl or shauna) i actually felt guilty for not studying while slacking in fornt of the television! i am for god sake i am XINYI i don`t feel guilty for not studying,i dun usually even care so much about the academic. COme to think of it, it might just be THAT FREAKING O LEVEL fault. because of that exam i study, which resulted in the everyday oso must study habit to pop out. WHICH SUCKS!
i bought a psp and i play less than i listen to the music while studying. oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes i just hate the way my mind works. when it gets used to something it just stuck there like superglue.


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Sunday, March 2, 2008Y

whatever i say here is being based on personal opinion and not shooting any patrons or consumers(which is you and me^__^)

ok lets get this straight. there is a freaking 15 mins commercial b4 a movie start right? so it normal to let ppl in onli 5 minutes before the showtime, because 15+5=20mins. moreover we need to clear the cinema,so if u want to enter a very dirty cinama, go ahead be sure i won`t stop you.THIS SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR PEOPLE TO GET YOUR BUTTS SETTLE ON THE SEATS. you DO NOT need any more extra time unless you have a humongusly enormous giantic ASS. so use some common sense people and stop troubling the usher down there who is trying to oragainise what i call utter CHAOS. so i have about 2 cases(more serious ones) yesterday who did this:
*customer red ,me blue*
sorry hall 4 can onli be entered 5 mins b4 ur show time.
*walks away* don`t give me the 5 mins b4 showtime shit!~very loudly~
.....when she enter the hall...
theatre 4 third to your left
you could at least say a thank you!

i am already displease with you so why the hell should i even bother to thank you when u are the one who actually give me problems.i admit i purposely did not thank her. BUT HELLO WE ARE ALSO UNDER THE CATERGORY HOMO SAPIENS . WE ARE NOT FREAKS OF NATURE WHO DO NOT HAVE ANY EMOTIONS OR FEELINGS.

sorry hall 5 is not available yet you need to wait 5 more minutes
everytime u tell me 5 more minutes

the weird thing about this customer is that he said `everytime` because i distictly remember that it is the first time he ask me whether he can enter the hall yet. oh and since we are on this topic, customers usually say that we keep telling them 5 more minutes right? let me tell you the reason behind this answer, they always come back to ask by the one minute interval. they will ask u the same question every minute. please we usually use the estimation and the rounding off method. we round up or down to the nearest 5 minutes. we are not professionals who can take one look at the clock and tell you the exact time to the next show.

Now i finally understand why floor staff prefer to clear up the mess in the cinema than to stand at the usher point. And why we need to swap conxtantly. the reason behind this is if you stand too long at the usher point, you would either die of boredom or die of high blood pressure.

So next time ,guys, when you are watching a movie and there just happen to be a crowd, please be kind give the usher some space to breathe. remember we are also humans like you .

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