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Monday, July 14, 2008Y

quick post! ^___^! as you can see i am lucky to have so much stuff plus the slippers my brother gave me^___^!!!! yes i am a mickey fanatic!!! HAHAHAHA! the osle camp was veri fun!!! and they ask me to expect more next time it won`t be the first camp they hold!!!! if the first one was fantastic i will be looking forward to other in the near future!! my super high energy won`t run out i hope^^!
absolutely disappointed.gotta work harder now. hope its not too late.

8:32 PM Photobucket

Thursday, July 10, 2008Y

my brother is underneath the blanket if u can`t see haha!!!!

sometimes u just gotta love them! i am happy, ecstatic, gleeful, gay,content, in bliss, elated, intoxicated, merry and on cloud nine^__^! i am really surprised when they bought me a cake! super uber hyer happy^___^! thx guys realli^___^ i know i might be a little bit too crazy, overwhelming, rude, too direct, but withput u peeps! 17 yrs of my life would be a waste^__^!

how could i forget her!! happy bdae to u too^__^! even though its belated^__^!

this is given to me by shauna! cox i complain we did not have enuf pics^___^!

10:20 PM Photobucket

Tuesday, July 8, 2008Y

just have to post his picture haha!

PW SLACK TIME!!!!(as u can see its onli me and rachel!) haha!

those with half faces they are done by rachel! haha! her skills realli need polishing up! anyway we are shocked the lzk never managed to kill us due to our slackiness!
BY THE WAY i realli flunk my exams!! gonna work hard now^__^!i wanna passs promos!!

6:51 PM Photobucket