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Monday, November 17, 2008Y

still confused..i dunno why am i happy or why am i sad? dun feel like smiling. but i have to make myself smile. who am i? what am i? just a passer-by to most people. a crazy person who is not important at all. will i ever be able to impact anyone life? once i thought of the coming year i feel down. do i realli wanna leave my frens? i haven`t drop a tear since the 7 nov. i haven't let my emotions out yet. i wanna cry badly. i wanna let them out b4 it swallow me whole. thats all i am saying. but do i have a way other than the old method i use?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008Y

mixed emotions and thoroughly confused.

10:23 PM Photobucket

Wednesday, November 5, 2008Y

i am blogging cox eileen ask em to blog so i am currently blogging about wad eileen is asking me to blog because she just blog so she want me to blog.

all i wanna say is:

EILEEN IS THE BEST EILEEN I HAVE EVA KNOWN! ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH.(i won`t say universe because i dun wanna noe wad lives outside earth ahahahahaha!) ooOOOO scary^^!

anyway the pic above is the manga/anime i am currenttly addicted to, its yaoi but the love is super sweet^^! i recommend girls to watch it but not boys! haha! cox apparently boys...are JUST CANNOT understand ROMANCE and stuff. they will just misinterpret the whole show^^! the show ill make u addicted on the first episode. its call "Junjou Romantica" and features three different couples. its a lot different from the other gay anime i watch. if u wanna noe more just go see haha!.

anyway this is another anime that i am also addicted to. The plot and storyline is pretty climatic and keep u in suspense. it also motivates me by showing the wonderful frienship the characters shares. Kateiyoshi hitman reborn.

^^! and lastly. OP IS OVER! thanks guys! NY011! is the best pw group ever. thx guys. even though we have two ULTIMATE SLAVE DRIVERS. and we get pissy in the WR week ahahahaha! we pulled through! our OP is a success!!^^!!!!!

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