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Saturday, August 8, 2009Y

I have more or less accepted the fact that some people plainly disliked you for who you are. However sometimes it gets really annoying for people whom used you just because you have some assets that benefits them. When they found someone who possess the "asset" of a higher grade, they switch target immediately.

If you don't like to hang around me then don't, i am not forcing or pointing a gun in your shithole forcing you to float around me like some wandering spirit. Like seriously, i have no time to play any stupid games with you. So if you are reading this post right now. scram. block me. get off my property. YES I AM A FREAKING MUGGER! BECAUSE I HAVE NO TALENT IN ANYTHING IN ANY AREA! THATS WHY I HAVE TO WORK HARDER THAN ANYONE ELSE! IF YOU DON't LIKE IT! TOO BAD! AT LEaST i have something in life that i am working towards. unlike you.


to achieve success you need talent, luck and effort. sucks that i dont have the first two. so i have to put in more on the third one. U HAVE BOTH and yet you dunno how to use it. hope you dont get too far in life. showing off your 'marvelous' grades claiming you never study? maybe you did? but u just want to tell the world how smart you are.

10:31 PM Photobucket

i am so bored. i decided to type this blog entry.
found a new way of typing while talking to jocelyn on msn.
it is so entertainig and fun u should try this sometimes.
it can slim ur thighs as well.
guess how i type yet?

using my tooooooooooooooooooes:)

10:03 PM Photobucket